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What are SVG or PNG files and where can you get them? Leave a comment

SVG or PNG files are just files of specific type/with specific extensions, and they happen to be
used in crafting projects with die cutting machines.

Their full names are scalable vector graphic or portable network graphic, respectively, and they
are the preferred types used by your digital cutting machine. Such file formats are a popular tool
for displaying two-dimensional graphics, charts, and illustrations on websites. Plus, SVG, as a
vector file, can be scaled up or down without losing any of its resolution. They also let your
software understand where the machine needs to cut.

The SVG files are somewhat more user-friendly when stretching and scaling them to size, because
they are vector files. This means that you could cut the same design as a 10” x 10” shape for your
scrapbook or 4.25″ x 5.5″ card with an intricate front in no time at all!

Where Can I Get Cut Files?

Just google it. There are quite a few “large name” in scrapbookers community, of course, but then pretty much all die cutters producers will give some links
on their websites, such as Silhouette’s or Brother’s Design store. So, you will be able to find
endless designs, starting from some standard phrases for greeting cards, to topic-based stamps,
design items, etc.

Some of those are free-to-download, some are not, for example, the majority of the content is
available for purchase from Cricut Design library starts from approximately $0.99 to a few dollars.

I Really Want Some Free Cut Files. Where can I Get Them?

See above! Pretty much all mentioned websites have several free cut SVG or PNG files for you to download and use with your digital cutting machine. It will let you start, before you will find your ways
around your new cutter.

Butterfly with flower framed free multilayer SVG cut file
Brown sofa and a wooden table in living room interior with plant,concrete wall.3d rendering

You can pick up from our Cutting files library. Since they are free, feel free to play around them and create amazing new designs.

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