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Plotter is a general terminology for devices that work based on the principle of cutting an image on a material (MDF, vinyl, plywood, plexiglass, wood, paper) along a contour. But you can work with varied materials. This includes paper, cardboard, plastic, foam board, plexiglass, vinyl film. As well as more exotic materials such as Oracal, MACtac, LG, 3M, etc. But the most popular and sought-after material remains vinyl films.

Vinyl coatings also come in diverse types, depending on their properties and applications, for example:

  • depending on the type of surface (matte and glossy);
  • created from modern materials (carbon, which look remarkably similar to carbon fibre);
  • designed for decorative purposes (stained glass, which decorate doors, glass, display windows, ordinary windows);
  • special purpose (reflective, which is used for the production of road signs or stripes on clothes and shoes; protective, having high strength, therefore used in electronics);
  • fluorescent (used in the automotive industry, advertising as well as in architecture);
  • with holographic elements;
  • stencil (created specifically for further use, for example, for applying patterns with paint on walls and objects).

Overall, the plotter cutting of films and other materials is widely used in various spheres of life. This is advertising, when the bright colours of adverts decorate windows, shop stands, walls, billboards. This is unusual drawings on cars, and the creation of a special interior in a house or office. This includes creating your own unique business cards, advertising elements on goods. This is designing clothes, creating plates, labels, etc. Plotter cutting technology is used in all these areas. This is an important device, which you can either buy yourself or use the services of a trusted company that will advise you on how to choose the right material, help you develop a layout for future products, and advise on many other issues.

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