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What is the difference between Chinese plotters and the others? Leave a comment

Chinese models of cutting devices are usually made with stepper motors, which is a less successful solution. Although they are cheap, they are less accurate than servo drives, so the amount of guaranteed cut is much lower. So, for a servo drive, a guaranteed cut is up to 12 meters, and for a stepper (depending on the model and manufacturer) – up to 5 meters as a maximum. This means that after this distance the initial and final positions of the contour will coincide and will not be at a distance from each other

This is an especially important indicator, because everyone wants their product to be cut with high quality, without serious deviations from the norm.

There are other characteristics that distinguish a quality plotter from the rest. For example, the stability of pressing a knife is especially important. This is the ability of the cutting element to make a cut of the same depth over its entire length, and not to make undercuts or create a defective item which looks like strips. A high-quality plotter must also be able to accurately cut the material already made, on which something is printed or drawn. This is a technology for cutting at driven angles. In addition, a good unit can manage any pattern, no matter how many elements it contains. But when working with cheaper plotters, you will have to put together complex elements piece by piece from simpler ones.

When choosing a company that provides cutting services on a plotter, you should look for one that has high-quality equipment. It is highly desirable that they are equipped with Japanese plotters, since these plotters are very versatile and cope well with all the tasks that need to be completed. It will be important to have an additional set of knives for denser materials, as well as experience in working with various rare coatings and surfaces.

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