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When should you select plotter cutting? 1

Although plotter cutting is ahead of crucible cutting in almost all aspects. There are moments when you should pick the latter. But there are only few of those. It can be the case when you need to print 100 thousand identical simple products in size, say A4. In other cases, it is better to look for a company that has a good plotter. After all, even if you need to cut 1000 small 20×20 mm stickers, the best choice is a plotter. It’s just that the computer will automatically group all the images on the sheet and print everything on a 1×0.4 m rectangle. That’s the whole print run. Any well-equipped company can do this in a day or two, and it will cost a penny in comparison with crucible die-cutting

So, what do we end up with?

Plotter cutting is the ideal solution for any projects in printing and advertising industry. With this technology, you can cut images of most complex shapes, while the cost of the service will be moderate, and the work will be completed quickly. The plotter can be used for both small tasks and large-scale jobs. In the end, it is a multitasking technology.

When should you select plotter cutting

Choosing the company and equipment

Multiple companies provide any highly desirable service. The same applies to plotter cutting. Today, many companies have cutting plotters available, because this equipment is not expensive. Most cutters are made in China, America, Europe and Japan. But not all products have an ideal quality. First of all, they differ in speed of work, second, in reliability, and third, in the accuracy of contour cutting. All this depends on many factors – the manufacturer itself, the type of components that they offer, as well as the build quality of a particular unit. Therefore, it is worth choosing the company that works with Japanese and American devices. Because then the quality of work will be the highest.

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  1. Thanks for the advice. I don’t quite agree. But in general I like your blocks.

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